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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post Your Requests

Dear MuruganAdimai Blog Visitors ,you can request murugan songs,movies.mp3's or anything related to this blog by posting a comment to this post.You can also comment reports or if you are unsatisfied with this blog or any errors in my blog.I will respond to you in maximum 5 days!!Thank You!!



  1. Dear Sir,

    I came across another Murugan website today. Hope that Murugan's blessing will always there for you.
    BTW, I am searching for "Eluthi Eluthi Padivanthein" song from Gumasta Magal. If you have the song, please send the link to me at Partiban@litrak.com.my. Thank you.

  2. i need photo of aru padai. if you have mail it to rkochi@hotmail.com

  3. My Humble prayers to Lord Muruga seeking his blessings

  4. Hi

    You have done a great job by creating this blog.

    I am in the process of writing an article on Murugan temples in Malaysia for a Tamil spiritual magazine based at Chennai. I need some good photos of Thaneermallai Murugan with alankaram.

    Please send photos to my email (subushika@yahoo.com) . Thanks.


  5. Dear Shanmugapriyan,

    Great to get a chance to look into your blog in Kandha Sashti week. You are doing an excellent work of devotion to my OM Muruga.

    Will iit be possible for you to upload Panjamirtha vaNNam in mp3?

    Tiruppugazh adimai
    salem, TN

  6. Hi. Great Work!!!! Can you please get me the Vel Maaral Song sung by Sri. Seerkazhi Siva Chidambaram. Please post it to baijnathak@gmail.com or if you paste in this site, I will get from here, just message or intimate me about the availability. Thank you.

  7. Hi,

    This is swetha i want to know all tamil movies of lord murugan where do i get the collection of this movie please if someone know kindly drop a mail to my inbox .

    Endrum Murugan Thunai.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I am curious whether Variyar swamigal ever meet or speak about Ramana Maharshi? My initial search over net has not yielded any result. It will be nice if you could clarify. The real intent behind this is as follows: some of the Maharshi's devotees considered him to be an incarnation of Muruga, I wonder how swamigal viewed him?

  9. pls sent tms song anbukkoru deivam nee arul perum jothium nee song

  10. om saravana bava ann anmu thienammum ple send this song,

  11. Hi Sir, can i know the names of the Nava Veerargal of lord murugan and also a description of how they look, what kind of weapons they carry etc. If u can provide the Pictures of them it would be very grateful. If possible do reply me asap as i need the above mentioned info urgently. Thank you sir.

  12. Hi,
    This site is very good for all murugan devotees. We are getting many mp3 songs. I request you to send mp3 version of the songs rendered by Bombay Sisters on Murugan like Thirumurugatrupadai to my mail id: rajaniganth_d@yahoo.com

  13. Dear Sir
    I would like to download some masterpiece of Shri Kripananda Variyar.
    Pl help

    Venkatesan K

  14. Hi,

    Radio City FM is broadcasting some Murugan song is in the morning sung by a lady, beautiful song.

    முருகு = அழகு

  15. Please provide that song details

  16. hi im a devotee of lord muruga.. i need the song and lyrics of Pancamirtha varnam given by pamban swamigal,, please post the song OM MURUGA

  17. Pls provide me ARIRU THADANTHOZH VAZHGA mp3 song from Kandhar Anuboothi,

    - Vel R

  18. please can any one provide kantha sashti kavasam vilakkavurai rendered and explained in detail about kavasam by an un known person in thooya tamil.

    unfortunately my HD crashed and ilost it.

    i tried searching in all aspects to get it on net.

    but in vain.

    please please please some one help me to get it

    om saravanabhavaya namah

  19. please anyone send me the download page for "மனம் மனம் வீசும் பழனியிலே தினம் தினம் திருவிழா" mp3 song link to manibbt007@gmail.com

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  21. Hi, when will Lord Muruga give his dharshan, waiting for so long is a pain and uncertainty of his dharshan is unbearable... peace is not there, how to proceed, I am listening to Kanda guru kavatcham on and off, and saying hanuman chalisa daily and vishnu sahasranamam for 10 mins daily

  22. Hi,
    I have been searching for the 6 Kavasams since long time. Today Lord Muruga directed me to your website. I downloaded all the 6 songs. Thank you very much.
    Is it possible to get the lyrics, esp the 4th Kavasam. I had been reciting it earlier but I get stuck in between.
    Sendhil --- asendhil100@yahoo.com

    1. Hi bro did you get the 6 kavasam if you haven't pls do msg me I'll send it to you

  23. Very nice information thanks for the shairng


  24. sir great work . vetivel muruga arogara..