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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Other Murugan Songs Download


Kanda Sashti Kavasam
Saravana poigayel
Solla Solla
Thirupparan Gunraththil
Pazham Neyappa
Maname Muruganini
Velodu Vezhayadum
Senthoor Murugan
Arupadai Veedukonda
Senthooril alai

Murugan Songs by Sirgali G Download

Aarupadadi Veedu… .mp3 4.6 MB
Balamuruhan Vilajadal… .mp3 4.5 MB
Ella Nanankalum… .mp3 3.9 MB
Kanthanukku… .mp3 3.8 MB
Kanthtanukku Thamil Mell… .mp3 4.4 MB
Katkandum Sallarajum… .mp3 3.1 MB
Kumaran Kural Koduthan… .mp3 4.0 MB
Majilaada Majilaada… .mp3 3.6 MB
Majilaga Naan Mara… .mp3 2.8 MB
Neelavanna Kadal… .mp3 4.0 MB
Oorum Pasanaippa… .mp3 4.7 MB
Paadi Paninthidum… .mp3 4.0 MB
Ponnadikke Saranam… .mp3 3.2 MB
Punnakai Purijum… .mp3 3.8 MB
Ullathile Nee Erukka… .mp3 4.2 MB
Vadivelan Kudikonda… .mp3 4.0 MB
Vanna Thamil Thalaivan… .mp3 3.8 MB

T.M.S Murugan Songs Download

T. M. Soundarajan

Date of Birth
24th March, 1923

Also credited as/Nick names/Alternate
Soundharajan, TMS

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Anakum Idamundu.mp3

Anru Ketpavan.mp3

Anthan Kuralil.mp3

Isaiyal Vasamaha.mp3

Katpanai Entralum.mp3

Manimudi Oraru.mp3

Mannanalum Thiruchendur.mp3

Nampunkal Murugan.mp3

Oraru Mugamum.mp3

Solil Thamilai.mp3

Tms – Kanthan Thiruneeraninthal.mp3

Unaipadum Tholil.mp3

































Elil Konsum… .mp3

Entha Malar Maalai… .mp3

Murukanukku Eennai… .mp3

Paalale Kavadikal… .mp3

Seval Koovi… .mp3

Shanmuham Thiruniru… .mp3

Sivaperuman… .mp3

Ullamellam… .mp3

Veelan Mukam… .mp3

Velirukka… .mp3

Deivam MOVIE

part 1-

part 2-

KanthanKarunai MOVIE


The Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple also known as Arulmigu Thandayuthapani Temple is one of the more famous Hindu temples located in Penang, Malaysia. Dedicated to Lord Subramaniam, also known as Lord Murugan, it is better known as the Thaneermalai Temple.

Located on Waterfall Road (Jalan Air Terjun), the Shaivite temple is the central focus of the annual Thaipusam festival in Penang.

It was founded around 1854, after the chettiar community in Penang Street bought the piece of land to build the chettiar quarters, or chettinar. Being astute businessmen and moneylenders, the chettiar build temples that are hallmarks of quality, and are usually well managed as well as financially secure. Within the chettiar quarters is the temple of Thendayuthapani, an incarnation of the deity Murugan. This temple was consecrated in 1857. It was build in the chokkatan, or chequered design.

The present structure was consecrated in 1935.

Immediately opposite the Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple is the Sri Meenakshi Sundraeswar Temple.


Sri Thendayuthapani Temple not only epitomizes the glory of Lord Murugan, but also that of the Chettiars, once a community of traders, merchant-bankers and moneylenders. They hail from the Sivagangai and Pudukottai districts of Tamil Nadu, India. They settled down in 96 villages in these two districts .

They are often referred to as Nattukottai Chettiars to distinguish them from other groups of Chettiars. The term "Nattukottai Chettiars" means "people with palatial houses in the countryside". They are also referred to as "Nagarathars" meaning city dwellers, as they lived in a city called Poompuhar on the east coast of Tamil Nadu, a part of which went under the sea.

It was a practice for the Nattukottai chettiars to build Lord Murugan temples wherever they settled. This was the case in Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaya, Sri Lanka and Singapore. They had the advice of Sivachariars not to build any Sivan Temples as certain rituals had to be observed. As the Brahmin Sivachariars were prohibited from crossing the seas, they advised them to establish Lord Murugan Temples where non-Brahmin priests, the Pandarams, could be employed.

This does not mean that the Brahmin priests had not visited South East Asia before. Records show that there had been the priests at the Royal Courts of Thailand and Cambodia. The Hindu Traditional practice of reciting Thiruvempavai during the coronation of Thai kings bear testimony to this. No one is certain when and why the Sivachariars - the Tamil speaking Brahmin priests stopped coming to South East Asia.

By the third quarter of the 19th century things changed and the Brahmin priests in India, particularly Tamil Nadu became adventurous as the rest of the Indians and decided to seek their fortunes in Malaya and Singapore.


An estimated 100,000 people attend the Thaipusam festival at the temple, making it the largest festival and human gathering in Penang. It is also a leading tourist attraction.

Thaipusam is an annual religious event celebrated by Hindus to commemorate the victory of Lord Murugan over the demon, Tarakasuran. Devotees and penitents can seen bearing kavadis, and piercing their bodies with hooks and spears without seeming to cause any pain or harm as an act of faith and atonement.

The chariot procession begins on Thaipusam eve where the chariot together with Chettiar kavadis -- male chettiar carry a peacock feather yoke accompanying the silver chariot -- (different from body-piercing type of kavadis) departs Kovil Veedu(House Temple) on Penang Street, Georgetown in the morning ends here at night. They retreat to the chettinar for three days before accompanying the chariot back to town.

Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple, Waterfall Road, Penang.

During Thaipusam, male chettiar carry a peacock feather yoke accompanying the silver chariot. They retreat to the chettinar for three days before accompanying the chariot back to town.

Immediately opposite the Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple is the Sri Meenakshi Sundraeswar Temple.

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    View outside the Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple.

    The Thendayuthapani temple.

    Passageway leading towards to the sanctuary.

    Ornately painted main door of the Nattukkottai Chettiar Temple.

    Penang Powerfull Murugan Hilltop Temple

    Penang Powerfull Murugan Hilltop Temple

    Main Entrance to the Hilltop Murugan Temple...

    Steps leads to the temple..

    Beautiful statues along the way to the temple....

    Different views in and around the temple...

    Construction of new temple underway...

    Saturday, October 17, 2009


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    PART 3-


    PART 1-

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    SKANDHA SASTHI 18-09-09-23-09-09

    Shasti, or Sashti, is an important day in a Hindu calendar and is associated with Lord Muruga. Shashti falls on the sixth day of every lunar fortnight in traditional Hindu calendar. The Shasti falling during the waning phase of the moon is chosen for fasting by Lord Subrahmanya or Muruga devotees. There are two Sashti in a month and devotees of Skanda observe partial or full fast on the Shashti occurring after the new moon (Amavasya). Below are the Shasti and Kanda Sashti fasting days in year 2009.

    Shasti Days in 2009 based on Indian Standard Time (IST)

    January 2, 2009 – Shasti

    February 1, 2009 – Sashti

    March 2, 2009 – Shashti

    April 1, 2009 – Shasti

    April 30, 2009 – Sashti

    May 29, 2009 – Shashti

    June 28, 2009 – Shasti

    July 27, 2009 – Sashti

    August 25, 2009 – Shashti

    September 24, 2009 – Sashti

    October 18, 2009 – Skanda Shasti Starts (In some calendars the fast only begins on October 19)

    October 19, 2009 – Kanda Shasti fasting Day 2

    October 20, 2009 – Kantha Shasti fasting Day 3

    October 21, 2009 – Skanda Sasti fasting Day 4

    October 22, 2009 – Skanda Shashti fasting Day 5

    October 23, 2009 – Skanda Sashti Soora Samharam (Skanda Shashti fasting Day 6)

    October 24, 2009 – Tirukalyanam

    November 23, 2009 – Shasti

    December 22, 2009 – Shasti

    Please note that depending on the lunar and solar calendar followed in a particular region, occasionally, the Shasti day can be a day earlier from the above dates.

    Lord Muruga is also known as Subrahmanya, Kartik, Kartikeya, Skanda, Kanda…